Drawing upon the success of its predecessors in the UPMAX® line, this compact, lightweight, and rugged unit produces stunning 5.1 channel audio from two-channel sources and is perfectly suited for OB trucks and post-production facilities.

Offering AES and auto-sensing HD/SD-SDI I/O, the UPMAX v4 combines the renowned UPMAX® upmixing/downmixing algorithm with AutoMAX-II™ auto-detection for seamless transitions between stereo and native surround input sources, producing an upmix that is completely downmix compatible.

The UPMAX v4 comes standard with a built-in ITU loudness meter, dual power supplies, internal relay bypass, SNMP monitoring, and a monitor section with calibration tones and pink noise, eight +4dBu balanced analog outputs, and volume, mute, and return to reference control.

A remote volume and GPI I/O control is optional.